Samsung Note 10 is the compact new Note model with a relatively small screen compared to its old siblings. As usual, the Note series has this significant squared style. The rounded from edge to edge screen and the one and only S pen. it offers few new updates, but if you want the most perfect version of the Note series then you should consider the Note 10+, it may be a bit more expensive but it will leave you impressed of how it perfected every single aspect of a smart phone compared to this less-upgraded Note 10. (The S20+ is also a great choice). Overall, if you are interested in a Note model with a smaller screen and you want to save the few extra dollars, you will find the Note 10 just what you needed.


  • Great performance with the Snapdragon 855.
  • Amazing photos during daylight and nighttime.
  • Squared design.
  • S pen supports air gestures.


  • No external storage.
  • No headphone jack.
  • Finger print security may not be the best choice.
  • Add $150 and you’ll get the Note 10+ with a lot of money-worth upgrades!

Key Specifications

  • Starting Price: $949.99
  • Display: 6.3 inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display – 60Hz refresh rate.
  • CPU: Exynos 9825 / Snapdragon 855
  • Storage: 256GB storage 8G RAM.
  • Cameras (Back): Triple Cameras (16MP Ultra wide – 12MP Wide-angle – 12MP Wide-angle)
  • Cameras (Front): 10MP.
  • Battery: 3500 mAh. Type C (25W) fast charger. Supports wireless charging.
  • OS: Android 9.0, upgradable to Android 10

The Design

If you aren’t already familiar with Note series, it usually has this eye-capturing with its squared design. Unlike the S series, the edges are sharp. The screen stretches to every single corner, giving the user a sense of change. With the Note 10+ you have a seemingly bezel-less screen! The screen is stretching to the edges of the screen making it seem endless. The edges of the Note 10 and 10+ are sharper than the Note 9. The fact that this screen is 6.8 means you’ll be really satisfied when watching videos and movies on your smartphone.

There’s bad news though, it’s refresh rate is only 60Hz. If you are coming from the same kind of screen with 60Hz refresh rate, you will be very happy. But it’s still a shame that it isn’t at least 90Hz!

One more thing, remember the headphone jack? Well… Note 10 and 10+ said goodbye to it forever! It’s not likely that we’ll ever see a headphone jack on any future Note model.

  • Size: Height 5.94 inches. / Width 2.83 inches. / Thickness 0.31 inches. And the weight is 5.93 ounces.
  • Aluminum frame and a glass back (Gorilla Glass 6).
  • Water resistance in 1.5 meters for 30 minutes! No more worrying about spilling water on your phone ^^.
  • As for the colors, you have the calm cloud blue color, for most blue-color fans. And the cloud pink, and the cosmic gray which seems prettier than a normal plain black. And last but not least, the cloud white which is really elegant to hold.


  • Triple Cameras (16MP Ultra wide – 12MP Wide-angle – 12MP Wide-angle)
  • Camera)
  • 4K video recording for both front and back cameras.

The Note 10, as the Note 10+, takes amazing pictures with its triple set of cameras. Photos taken in daylight have great dynamic range, noise reduction and amazingly popping out colors! You well find yourself falling in-love with the overall beauty of these photos. With the new upgraded HDR technology, you’ll get high contrast photos that has less exposure than older Samsung models like the S10+, and you’ll defiantly notice the more appealing colors and slightly developed shadows and highlights! Even though both phones produce pictures that are obviously enhanced, but the Note 10 gives you the best version of that processed photo than the S10+.

the night mode is also spectacular, it increases the exposure without losing the highlights of shadowed areas and keeps the colors juicy. The only flow you may see is that it may over-brighten light sources and faces issues with neon lights. Other than that, you’ll enjoy taking delightful moon lighted shots over these late nights.



having a 3500 mAh doesn’t make it the best ideal battery for people who depend on their phones with a lot of photography activities, but it may be just right if you get used to its usage. battery. It performs great with internet usage, social media and any other daily task. It has a fast charger of 25W that will get you from 0 – %57 in just 30 minutes! So if you have access to a charger mid-day or after, you have nothing to worry about if you spend the day out with friends taking selfies around the city.

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