Hey guys, it’s that time of the year where we all get excited and curious about the upcoming new iPhones models. This year, we have a new set of numbers! Here in this article, we’ll show you what we think the new models will be like (The included information is NOT a fact or to be taken as such, it’s all based on what we are guessing ♥)

So, Apple has been producing 3 models for quite some time, now we’re expecting 4 models of the iPhone 12. Four choices to satisfy all types of needs. So whether you want the highest-end most upgraded version “iPhone 12 Pro Max”, or you want the least expensive version “iPhone 12”, or let’s say you want the big screen without going bankrupt “iPhone 12 Max”, Apple is probably going to provide them all.

The new 12 series are rumored to have an A14 Bionic chip, which means two things: better overall performance; The new iPhones will have better footage capability, and that’s great if Apple wants to add new camera features that require heavy processing. And also, a better chip means better power management; this means the battery drain will be decreased! So even if it is rumored that the iPhone 12 might have a 5.4-inch screen (this model might have a smaller battery than the iPhone 11) but it will still give a better battery experience. Yup!

We also heard that Apple is going back in time with its design plans. Remember that silver strip that went all the way around the iPhone 5? We may be seeing more of it this year, minus the big chin and forehead, yeah kick that picture from your head and imagine that all around silver strip with the iPhone 11 screen and front design. And if this is what Apple’s gonna do then I’m gonna be a big fan. I like the old edges over the new, it fits right into your hand, the new silky rounded edges have always felt more slippery to me.

Ok so let’s talk numbers; rumors have it that the iPhone 12 5G will be around $650. iPhone 12 max around $750. iPhone 12 Pro around $999 and last but not least the iPhone 12 Pro Max around $1,099. It’s also rumored that there will be an iPhone 4G with a price around $550! These price varieties will give each one of us a perfect pick.

We may have to wait further than October for the release dates, though it’s not quite obvious how much time it will be but there’s definitely a delay this year.

By Rama RK

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