Google had great hopes for the Pixel 4, after the launch, it found how terrible it was. The phone was not a really bad one, but the other devices made the competition so hard for the Pixel that Google had to drop its pricing! Now it is one of the cheap phones that has bad sides to it, but still has a ray of sunshine. So as every on-budget phone, this Pixel 4 will offer you a great performance, photos with good quality, a fun radar-based Motion Sense features and an upgraded version of the Google Assistant; faster and multi-tasking. This isn’t a phone to recommend buying, you have some great other choices of on budget phones with a lot more to offer.


  • Great photo quality.
  • Elegant design.
  • Radar-based Motion Sense fun features.
  • Faster google assistant.


  • Bad battery.
  • Face recognition is too fast, doesn’t seem that secure.
  • No headphone jack or an adapter.

Key Specifications

  • Starting Price: $799.
  • Display: 5.7-inch P-OLED display / 90Hz refresh rate.
  • CPU: Snapdragon 855
  • Storage: 64/128 GB storage 6G RAM.
  • Cameras (Back): Dual Cameras (12MP wide – 16MP Telephoto) with a flicker sensor.
  • Cameras (Front): 8MP.
  • Battery: 2800 mAh, 18W fast charger.
  • OS: Android 10

The Design

The design is simple yet elegant. It has a matte cover on the back for the orange and white versions, making it more elegant (yet slippery). And the black has a gloss back, making fingerprints as bright as daylight, hahaha. You have the rear cameras in the camera bump in the back. Its design matches any new 2020 phone. The back of the phone only has the “G” of google marked on the bottom of it, and the screen and back cover all blend together perfectly with the edges.

It may be and old phone but the design still feels up to date, IF you overlook the big forehead on the top side of the screen! LOL. It’s actually for a good cause, bear with me. So we have this not so lovely forehead, but it holds the Radar-based Motion Sense for gestures! Let me simplify that, it creates a sort of a bubble around your phone, so whenever anything enters that bubble, the phone senses that. This technology makes your morning alarm less annoying in the morning and gives you extra pleasure when turning it off! All you need to do, is reach close to your phone, and wave to the right direction to either snooze or shut it. It also has other uses like sweeping pictures in the gallery and changing the songs in the media player and many more.

  • Size: Height 5.79 inches. / Width 2.71 inches. / Thickness 0.32 inches. And the weight is 5.71 ounces.
  • Aluminum frame and a glass back (Gorilla Glass 6).
  • IP68; Water resistance in 1.5 meters for 30 minutes! No more worrying about spilling water on your phone ^^.
  • As for the colors, you have the Panda Look; white body and black edges and a beautiful shade of orange for the lock button. And the most beautiful Orange color, with a pinkish power button. And the Just Black look, the name says it all.


  • Dual Cameras (12MP wide – 16MP Telephoto) with a flicker sensor.
  • Video: Rear camera 4K video at 30 fbs. Front camera 1080p at 30 fbs.

The pixel 4 has the same footage options as the pixel 3; Night Sight, Portrait, Camera, Video, and a More tab containing Panorama, Photo Sphere, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Playground, and Lens. But to make mini upgrades, Google added few new features into the camera system.

Live HDR+: This feature allows you to have a look of how the final photo will look like in the viewfinder before even taking the picture.

Dual exposure controls: Ever wanted to adjust the shadows and the highlights to get that perfect artistic photo you want? This feature will help you manually adjust the shadows and highlights even before you capture the shoot!

With the addition of the second camera, now the Pixel 4 has the “learning-based automatic white balance” added to all camera modes! Not just the night sight.

The night sight mode may not always be necessary, since the phone takes great shoots without it. But if it’s still too dark you may switch to the night sight, but the photos may end up looking a bit blurry or noisy. But the final result may not be as bad as you’d think. They’re still good quality Night Sight photos.

The portrait mode works really great. It does a remarkable job heavily blurring far away objects then make it less blurry as we get closer! It faces no issues with blurring closer objects as well, and works the same with non-human subjects.



Having a 2800 mAh on a phone with a 90Hz display and such an advanced camera performance makes this a huge flaw in the device. The phone will give beautiful pictures, but take to many, and you’ll forget how great they once you start looking for a power source, that is IF you had a charger with you.

Google tried to make this problem more bearable by making the charger a 16W fast charger, well at least the charger isn’t as bad as the battery!

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