VoIP For Small Businesses – A Clear Choice

It’s often assumed that high-tech VoIP systems rally make sensible choices only for the biggest businesses and organisations with the largest workforces. When and where a new development like VoIP works its way into the business world, more often than not it tends to be a high-end asset that’s of interest to and within the reach of equally high-end businesses. As such, the idea of business VoIP systemsis one that seems rather unnecessary to those running or working for such businesses. Continue reading VoIP For Small Businesses – A Clear Choice

HTC One M9 Vs iPhone 6

Many may think that HTC can nowhere come close to the tech giant Apple, but HTC has proven its premium mobile making prowess with its One series. It is true that the Taiwanese mobile maker’s sales are merely dwarfs in comparison with Apple’s. However, the very capable HTC flagship models have won over the customers and their great aesthetic sense, smooth performance and really helpful features have got considerable fan following for HTC. Which is why, a HTC flagship device can be well pitched against the hugely revered Apple flagship model. Continue reading HTC One M9 Vs iPhone 6

Top 5 Android Apps For Online Game Lovers

If you love playing games on your Android smartphone or tab, then you are here for a treat. With the increasing number of free mobile apps on the Google Play Store, it has become convenient for Android gamers to access thousands of free Android games on their tab as well as smartphones. There are lots of new and exciting Android apps that are available for free for the gamers and to explore these games, you can download and install the game apps directly from the app store to make your smartphone or tab an entertainment device on the go. Continue reading Top 5 Android Apps For Online Game Lovers

What Are The Benefits Of Gadget Recycling

Every time you buy a new gadget, do you think about what happens to your old one? Do you simply throw it away or put it in the bottom of a drawer? Some people choose to sell their old gadget to a second-hand store or online and some give them to friends. Usually though, they do end up in those bottom drawers never to be seen again. Did you know you could be recycling these items and potentially even making some cash from them? Continue reading What Are The Benefits Of Gadget Recycling

Opting For Amazon: Spotlight On The Kindle Fire

Amazon first announced their Kindle Fire in September 2011 and immediately people were hooked. The first Amazon tablet was a huge hit and subsequent developments have been equally popular. Amazon has put itself at the forefront of the tech brands out there and some people consider the Kindle Fire the first fully credible alternatives to Apple’s iPad. Continue reading Opting For Amazon: Spotlight On The Kindle Fire